We develop solutions

In cooperation with you as our customer we will develop a tailor-made solution for your needs or requirements, a solution to equip your product with novel, innovative and enhanced functions.

If you want to equip your product with additional sensory functions, we are the right partner for you. Our team can refer to more than ten years of experience in developing sensor systems based on customers' needs. We support you in the realization process - from the idea to the final product.

Our core competence and the resulting innovation leadership lies in
(i) generation of individual and application-optimized sensor designs, (ii) customer-specific production of the sensors (through substrate and material selection) by means of screen printing and polarization (activation of the sensors) and (iii) through customized electronics development. The result of Phase 1 is a function demonstrator.

Within Phase 2, optimization steps of the developed system and testing it in the respective application environment are carried out. The result of Phase 2 is a prototype, which can then be transferred to a serial production (with our qualified production partners).

We transfer these results to our manufacturing partners in the field of sensor and electronics production. These partners take over the transition to series production and themselves have many years of experience in functional printing and electronics manufacturing.

You receive the final sensor system - adapted and optimised to your specifications. You only have to integrate it into your standard product and implement it in the final environment.

Key Skills

customized transducer design

We have experts who optimize the sensor in terms of size, shape and materials precisely for the desired application

printing and poling of transducer

Production (screen printing):
Here, too, we have many years of experience in the field of functional printing. We select the optimum substrates, printing pastes and process parameters to produce sensors of the highest quality.

developing/adjusting read-out electronics to realize the sensor system

Depending on the application environment and the type of excitation of the sensors, we develop a customized electronics/hardware for signal processing. Thanks to our experts the slightest signal can be measured and processed accordingly.

Please note:

PyzoFlex® cannot be provided or offered as an "off-the-shelf solution".

For each specific request, we have to fully understand the application and sensing setup in order to develop a tailor-made solution. This is a core competence of our team at JOANNEUM RESEARCH (in the field of transducers as well as in the field of electronics and hardware). For each specific request careful thought and consideration is invested into developing a solution that best meets the requirements of the customer's application.